All-in-one Meal Planner

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I have a bad habit! I often stare blankly into my fridge when my entire family is shouting out for their breakfast. I always stand in my kitchen in the morning thinking what to cook for the day.

And the answer to this problem is well…. meal planning. 🥗

Why do I do meal planning? Simple. I need a balanced diet for my entire family. 🍝I am tired of giving them the same food every single day just because some ingredients have gone out of stock or I forget to buy a key ingredient for a meal. 🍲

I know you are in the same boat as me!

What's in this planner?

Very intuitive home page.

See what to cook this week, your favourite meal and also what to cook for upcoming events!

Every kitchen queen (and also kitchen king!) loves to have a sufficient stock in their pantry!

I am still a learner. So having a database to keep my new recipe is a win-win for me.

Browse your favorite meal type easily!

Worry that some ingredients will go out of stock? Or your product from pantry will expire soon!

Track all your ingredients in one place.

Love baking? Then this will be useful for you.

We all love home-cooked meals a lot. But sometimes we like to have dinner in the restaurant.

If you have any queries then please reach out to me on my Twitter account.

I want this!
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All-in-one Meal Planner

1 rating
I want this!